About Us

The health services offered in our country are developing day by day in parallel with the EU strategies, in terms of infrastructure development, monitoring and implementation of technological developments, and creating qualified manpower. In order to contribute to the society in line with this development, Çınar Ecza Deposu ve Dış Ticaret Anonim Şirketi started its business in Avcılar on 10 September 2002 with the motto of “youth service to health”. CNR PHARMA

All of its partners are sector employees. It is based on the basic principle of increasing the alternatives in the sector. “Bayrampaşa Branch” was opened in July 2004. Currently, it provides service to the region between Istanbul Silivri in the west and Kocaeli Gebze in the east with its own vehicles and motor courier . Our warehouse can deliver medicines to Anatolian cities through commercial cargo companies. Çınar Pharmaceutical Warehouse provides daily information transfer to “IMS”, which conducts sectoral measurement and statistical research. Information is shared with IMS since the first date of drug sales. Our warehouse has completed agreements with manufacturers and importers in order to meet all the needs of our esteemed customers. Our medicines are duly stored and shipped in accordance with the relevant orders of the Ministry of Health. Our customers can place orders on our website and transfer their invoices electronically to the pharmacy management programs they use. Since its establishment, Çınar Pharmaceutical Warehouse has reached the position of being able to offer its customers products under market conditions (maturity, excess product, diversity, safe shipment) in a short time. Due to the company agreements that have been made at the moment, it is a good alternative to purchase products under the current conditions in the market.