CNR Pharma delivers international medications quickly and safely on time from pharmaceutical manufacturers to distributors, local wholesalers, hospitals, hospital pharmacies and patients.

Because of having a diversified network of suppliers You can contact us for all your oncological, immunological, hard-to-find medications and other medication supply needs.

Our qualified sales team consists of experts who can find rapid solutions to all of your pharmaceutical sourcing requirements. You may ask our sales team about specific offers and pricing with peace in mind.

Our shipments are carefully prepared by paying regard to storage conditions of medicines from the manufacturer to the exporter and the final customer by trained employees.

We are here to help sick people everywhere and at any time by making medicine accessible to all.

Product in your hands within 3 to 10 business days

International providers authorized by the health authorities of each country

Export of medicines for treatments of different specialties

Dispatches to all of your country with and without cold chain

We have a Pharmaceutical Chemist who supervises the process

Attention to clinics, hospitals and private patients

International Sales


Named Patient Supply


Clinical Trial Supply


Orphan Drug Supply