The following conditions are sought for the employees to be recruited:

    1. To have the competencies required by the job profile ,
    2. Not to be convicted of a disgraceful crime,
    3. To have the minimum education and training conditions required by the job profile ,
    4. Not to be deprived of public rights, to have civil rights,
    5. To have completed the age of 18 and not exceeded the age of 50/55,
    6. Being found positive as a result of reference research,
    7. To have performed regular military service,
    8. To have the health condition required by the job, to have no objections to working physically and mentally


    Employees are required to complete the following documents;

    1. Copy of birth certificate
    2. Copy of identity card
    3. Copy of driver’s license
    4. Residence
    5. Photocopy of the graduation school diploma
    6. Health report (with lung x- ray )
    7. Criminal record
    8. Blood group card
    9. 6 photos
    10. Copy of insurance registration card
    11. If married, a copy of the marriage certificate
    12. Copy of spouse’s identity card
    13. If there is a child, a copy of the child’s identity card
    14. If retired, photocopy of retirement wallet


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