History of Pharmacy

Inspiration of Newton, Torricelli , Galileo and Copernicus : Al- Biruni
Ahmed El- Bîrûnî , who was born like a sun to the world of science, became famous with the name ” Alberuni or Aliboron ” in the West and whose works were translated into many Western languages, is known as the father of pharmacy.

Isaac Newton, a physicist who came long after him, Evangelista Torricelli , scientist Nicolaus It inspired scholars-physician-philosophers such as Copernicus and the mathematician Galileo Galilei .

Âsâr’il -Bakiyean’il-Kuruni’i-Hâliye “, “El- Kanun’ül – Mes’ are among the most well-known works of the Islamic scholar Al-Bîrûnî, who shed light on civilization with the first discoveries and inventions he brought to the field of science in the world . lute ”, “ Kitab’ut -Tahkik Ma li’l-Hind “,” TahdidUltimatei’l-EmakinTashih -iMesafet’il-Mesakin ”, “ Kitabü’l-CemahirfîMa’rifeti’lCevahir”, “ Kitabü’t -Tefhim fi EvailiSıbaati’t -My Tencim”, “ TaddiduNihayati’l-Emakin and Kitabü’s-SaydaneHe has books such as “ Fi’t Medicine” .

Physician and surgeon El-Bîrûnî, who also produced many works in the field of medicine, managed to give birth to a woman by cesarean section in his period, and wrote about 3 thousand plants in the treatment of which disease and how they were used in his work called “Kitabu’s Saydane”, which he wrote on medicinal herbs and some medicines. In addition to medicines, the name of that plant in other languages such as Arabic, Persian, Greek, Sanskrit and Turkish was found to be admirable as an etymologically important development.